Unique designs, individually selected stones, and hand crafted precious metals, become yours when you choose to own a piece of my work. I bring together colours and textures, and use metals to create space. These three ingredients become a harmonious and beautiful object for you to wear. I love natural stones, filled with life and individuality. Your piece of jewellery enhances you, belongs to you, and sits more In your skin than on your skin. Light is captured in stone. Metal becomes soft. Nature can be worn.


The ancient worlds of Greece and Egypt inspire beautiful golds next to rich blues and warm reds. The contemporary world brings an innovative edge to a modern design. Light and colour are the most important aspects of the design. It is the cut of the stone that makes the sparkle happen from without, but it is the light in the stone that reflects from within.

My mother is an Artist, my father was an Antiques dealer, my brother is a photographer. Our home had beauty and antiquities in abundance, our family was vibrant. I travel often, and am in love with India and Asia. I love intimacy. This is reflected in who I do my business with. All business is made over many cups of tea and long conversations, with people who are now good friends. For myself I have always worked with energy and flow, but usually with people, as an Acupuncturist. But now all that love of flow also goes into making beautiful things.



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Details Matter

I am very specific about how I choose my materials, maybe one or two lines of stones from a few hundred. I pick precious gems that are full of life, colour, and capacity to reflect. The metal work is simple, refined, and classic, all are hand made so no piece is the same. This theme of uniqueness runs throughout. I have a special section of pieces that incorporate something totally exquisite, the use of ancient beads. To use beads that have been drilled and worn 2000 years ago is a precious honour. That I get to combine these museum grade beads with diamonds and rubies and all things precious is wonderful. That you get to wear them, is truly unique.

The making of a piece is totally opposite to the choosing of the materials. It is free flow, no plan, only inspiration. In a more meditative mood, with all materials in front of me, my hands get to work. It is them, separate from mental effort that do the creating. It is simply my job to keep my more analytical mind out of the equation. All aspects involved in the process are a pleasure. From the choosing of the materials, to the designing of the piece, to the letting go of it as it finds its new home. This enjoyment is reflected in the work itself. Each creation conveys both high quality and also the lightness of pleasure that adornment should contain. While the details really do matter, equally, so does the inspiration.